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Organic in 10 Steps

Organic Foods: Making the Switch!

If you are thinking about organic foods and wondering what all the fuss is about then this book will definitely answer some questions for you. Cynthia Hunt began her transformation to an organic diet about 20 years ago (before “everyone else was doing it”) and is able to describe to you with certainty the positive effects her choice has made in her life and her families’ lives.

Her co-author, Dr. David Trybus has more than 20 years experience in aternative healthcare and holds certifications in enzyme therapy, auricular acupuncture, and as a health coach. Throughout the book, Dr. Trybus is able to identify specific health improvements you may notice as you make these changes to certain organic foods.

What I enjoy most about Organic in 10 Steps is that Ms. Hunt is relaxed, confident and patient. So often today, you read things and encounter people who will try to “push” their beliefs on you. Organic in 10 Steps simply lays out the knowledge and the improvements you can see from using that knowledge and lets you decide for yourself. Ms Hunt is a big proponent of taking it slow and she understands that sometimes trying to do too much often leads to failure.

Just implementing one of these steps will make such a significant difference in your life that I’m sure you will follow through with the rest of them. Organic in 10 Steps identifies the most important areas in organic foods to work with and urges you to move at your own pace. She also breaks down price differences between organic and traditional foods so you will know (before you begin!) how much any changes may affect your budget. Also included are some terrific resources and charts so that you can keep up with your own health improvements or budget impacts.

And you get all of this for less than $20 and itwill be the most rewarding $20 you have ever spent! Organic in 10 Steps is a must read for anyone entertaining the idea of eating organic foods or anyone already transitioning to organic foods. It has certainly opened my eyes and my mind to the impact of my food choices. Get it today and take your first step to making the switch!