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Don’t throw out your tax records

You can shred all those papers and printouts you used for preparing your tax return – and add them to your compost pile.

US Postal Service Jumping on the Recycling Bandwagon

The Postal Service already recycles 1 million tons of paper, plastic and other materials annually, making them a consistent leader in waste prevention programs. Now they have teamed up with Clover Technologies Group to provide the latest service in recycling – free postage paid envelopes for recycling small electronics and inkjet cartridges. Clover Technologies Group is [...]

Recycling Flower Vases

Ever wonder what to do with all the flower vases you have accumulated from deliveries and special occasions? Many people hand them down to Goodwill, Salvation Army or another donation center so they can be sold. However, these vases sometimes get thrown away because these centers already have so many and don’t have the space [...]