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Go Green And Outsource Your Mail

Posted on | July 13, 2009 | No Comments

At first glance you may have thought this article was about hiring someone to read and sort your email. But that’s not so. What we’re talking about here is your “real” mail – the letters that arrive in your physical mailbox, delivered in person by a human being.

So why would you want to outsource your mail?

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Shop Responsibly this Holiday

Posted on | December 21, 2008 | No Comments

For many, Christmas has become a commercial holiday. Instead of being a season of giving, we have bought into the media circus and it has become a season of greed and excess. This year tailor your shopping to be a bit more responsible in the items that you purchase. Shopping responsibly doesn’t stop at spending frugally for what we need or want. It is also a matter of global implication. By that, we mean that we look at the people behind the products that we invest our monies into.

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Eco Friendly Air Fresheners

Posted on | December 17, 2008 | No Comments

No matter how we try to prevent it, our homes are full of smells. Some of them are good and some of them are not so pleasant. Using aerosol sprays only mask the smells and can give off something worse. Try these five ideas to create air fresheners that help your home and the environment at the same time.

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Save Energy for the Holidays

Posted on | December 16, 2008 | No Comments

Looking to spend less this holiday season? Don’t forget to include energy bills in that equation. A few helpful energy-saving tips make all the difference. During the holidays, we spend an enormous amount of energy decorating our homes, yards, and hosting family gatherings. Environmentally friendly groups want people to save some green this year by going green with their energy sources.

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Edible Tree Ornaments

Posted on | December 15, 2008 | No Comments

Christmas belongs to everyone especially the children. Edible ornaments are fun to make and even better to eat. One advantage of these ornaments is that there is less to pack away in containers once the holidays are over. These ornaments are biodegradable if the kids don’t get to them. Most of the memories that we treasure for a lifetime are created during childhood. Help your kids to make memorable moments with edible ornaments.

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Natural Decorations for the Holidays

Posted on | December 14, 2008 | No Comments

We all like to decorate for Christmas. It puts the entire family in the festive mood of the season. Each year, many families purchase new decorations to change the look of our Christmas tree. This year, why not choose to use some natural decorations for your home?

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